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A Londoner, Colin moved to the town of March in Cambridgeshire in 2012 with his wife. He began writing his blockbuster of a novel The Last Days of Thunderchild. It was a project from a writing class in Leigh-on-Sea. Gradually the project came to be 55,000 words. It was then edited by Variorum Text Service. After this, I found an artist for the front cover of the book.

 Imagine, if you will, how it would have been to be a Victorian sailor from retro British times of 1898. You are on board HMS Thunder Child and the ship is picking up strange semaphore messages from the shore stations. Invaders from Mars are striding about and destroying the entire fabric of our nation. Would you believe such outrages things? The entire ship would be alive with speculation and disbelief. These sailors were destined to see three Martian fighting machines and confront the colossal edifices in battle.

Pastiche story from H.G. Wells’ WAR OF THE WORLDS from the perspective of H.M.S. Thunder Child’s Royal Navy crew. The year is 1898 and the story unfolds through the eyes of an ironclad crew and a land based Ministry of Defence clerk; Mister Albert Stanley. Gradually everyone moves towards the dreadful outcome as the strange alien tripods rampage around Victorian Britain in 1898.